Pride award results

Little People Pride Awards 2021

Each year we ask our staff team, parents and children to vote in our Annual Little People Pride Awards.

We are pleased to announce the winners of Little Pride Awards 2021 please see below for the list of winners with a selection of the lovely comments they received.

Thank you to everyone who voted for our staff team.

Little People Alwoodley


-Sara and soul into the hard work she does. Sara is quiet and never grumbles so no one knows how much she actually takes on and gets done, but we see you Sara and you deserve full appreciation and so much love for everything you do to keep our nursery going x x always appreciated, always loved x x

-Sara you have been absolute pleasure to work with since starting nursery, the support you offer to all the staff is second to non and we are so lucky to have both you and Kiren as our management. To be led by two strong women gives us the determination each day to make sure we are providing the best possible start to life for all the children and with you both as management we can't fail! Thank you for supporting us all and for being the best!

-Sara deserves recognition for the level of support she gives to her staff, she is wonderful to work with and we are lucky to have her on our team


-I always wanted to thank Gaby for everything she does for my son. I can see how she genuinely cares for him and he loves her cuddles, so thank you so much.

- Gaby is so loving and caring for our little boy. She is extremely supportive, kind and helpful in the development of our child. We as parents feels so relaxed and comfortable knowing our boy is in such good and caring hand, and make him feel at home. She is a credit to the nursery, and definitely deserves a little People Pride Award. We would highly recommend her for every award. Thank you so much for your love and care.
-I wanted to put Gaby in baby room forward with my vote for awesome staff member- she’s so instinctive with the babies and I always knew if Zac was upset or grouchy he’d just end up snuggling into her and be ok. She also always knows how to make this regularly exhausted and over emotional mama laugh when I was having a weepy day. She’s fab!


-Hannah is a great nursery nurse and a team player. She Is always there for support and guidance.

-I believe Hannah deserves a Little People Pride Award as the lovely bond and relationship she has developed with my son puts a smile on his and my face everyday. She has made my son feel do settled and welcome since he has started nursery and he settled in a lot quicker than I had anticipated. No matter how he is feeling on a particular day, Hannah takes it in her stride to put a smile on his little face.

-Hannah continues to be absolutely brilliant!! She is fab with my son and was with my daughter too. I always feel reassured and don’t need to worry, knowing she is looking out for him and helping him with his development. She is so personable, appears really loving, down to earth and clearly cares about her job and her little people that she looks after. Thanks Hannah x

Little People Bramley


-Kelly deserves a special mention for being very supportive with my son. She recently looked after him while his key worker was off and came into work on a day off so he wouldn’t be left with someone who he hadn’t worked with before.

-Kelly is consistently calm, happy and a pleasure to work with, her knowledge of our babies and their needs is invaluable and her confidence with them is reassuring for less experienced practitioners who learn a lot from working alongside her

-Kelly has created such a lovely bond with our little girl and we know and trust she will take care of her like one of her own. We value Kelly’s expertise and has really helped our daughter develop, for example, encouraging her to use a spoon herself.


-My daughter absolutely loves Jodie and she’s so attentive to her needs and is always so happy and has a smile on her face! My daughter has come on so much since going into the Tweenie room and I couldn’t thank Jodie and the staff in there enough.

-Jodie has recently stepped up into a lead practitioner role and I have been really pleased with her development over the last year. Jodie is focused and committed to her role, the children and maintaining the room as a whole to ensure a positive environment for the children. Jodie works well with her team to provide a broad range of learning experiences and manages the room well so that practitioners are working in small groups with the children. Jodie is reliable and consistent in her approach and a much valued member of both the Tweenie room team and the leadership team

-Since my child has moved into the tweenies room Jodie has really looked after them gone above and beyond even when my child was poorly. And Jodie is always very supporting when speaking to me about my child so warm and friendly


-I think my daughter likes Becky better than us two as parents! She’s settled a lot more as she feels comfortable and encouraged by Becky and looks forward to seeing her on her days at nursery, and never stops speaking about her at home, which, in turn has helped her communication skills which was a struggle before!

-Becky is always friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She always seems like she is on top of everything and at ease. I always feel confident that my daughter will be well looked after and have a great time in Becky’s care. Becky is always friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She always seems like she is on top of everything and at ease. I always feel confident that my daughter will be well looked after and have a great time in Becky’s care

-I'd like to nominate Becky from the school room as she's always so attentive towards my son, happy and smiley and will go the extra mile to help in anyway she can. My son always comes home happy and talks about her a lot and the fun things she does with him and the other children at Nursey. It makes me feel content knowing he is happy while I'm at work

Little People Farfield

Joanne H

-I have worked with Joanne H for many years now and this last year she has really out done herself! She has sailed into her new management role and I think she is doing a great job!!

-Joanne H is so supportive too not just parents and the children but to her team . Joanne H makes time if you have a problem. Joanne is so hard working and goes up and beyond of her duties

-Joanne H works really hard, she does everything she can to help others. She is doing a great job as the new Manager.


-Betsan is great with kids, always positive and both my boys adore her.

-Can’t say enough good things about Betsan (Farfield). She is an absolute angel and you can tell she puts in a lot of effort to make sure that the children are not only enjoying their time at nursery but thriving too.

-Betsan has really been a great Key Worker for my son. We love her creative activities she comes up with to bring out his creative side. We also loved to hear that she gives him extra cuddles to help him nap.


-Scott always goes the extra mile. When my daughter started, it took some time for her adjust to nursery. I can see that Scott really took the time to help her settle and I appreciate that. Scott always provides a good overview of the day which is really good for opening conversations! Thank you Scott, my daughter loves ending the week with you at Little People!

-Scott (Farfield) has made an amazing little bond with my son even though he’s not in the same room! He often comes home shouting “Scott” and whenever he sees him he has the most excited look on his face. Puts my mind at rest that he has so many amazing people to take care of him whilst he’s a nursery and I know he’ll have no problems when moving up into schoolroom when the time comes as he has such an amazing team to help him grow! Just goes to show how much effort the staff put in to creating a bond!

-Our son absolutely loves Scott (Farfield) and never stops talking about him! He’s always so happy and enthusiastic! Thanks for making it a fun place

Farfield Funclub

Joanne S

-I vote for Joann S for being positive and dedicated to her role at Funclub.

-To Joanne S for always being patient at pick ups

-Farsley Funclub...Joanne S...My son always says good things

Little People Heckmondwike


-Maxine is very supportive in the nursery rooms and considerate of the needs of her team. She is loved by parents and children alike.

-Maxine has been supporting us and both our children throughout Covid and beyond. Every time there has been any queries they have been dealt with and resolved in a timely and professional manner. She supports our children at little people through their sometimes difficult home life.

-Maxine is amazing! Really friendly! My son loves her and says she is the best


-She is amazing with my little boy, very friendly, one of the best!

-A very kind and gentle member of the team, very helpful and attentive. Always makes you smile and well looked after.

-My daughter always talks about what Amber and her have done. I speak to Amber the most and she is brilliant.


-Kiren is lovely. She deserves an award because of the way she has changed every room. We love them all. Thank you so much Kiren

-She deserves an award as she has stepped into our nursery and turned it around. She worked really hard and not only helped us in our rooms but also helped us all become a better team

-Kiren always has been and always will be the best manager, we wind her up no end, but she’s always there for us when we need her! Thank you Kiren, we love you!

Little People Stanningley


-Lauren is extremely hard working and is always looking of ways to improve her room

-Lauren is so committed to her role. She gives 110% everyone day. She is supportive towards her colleagues and is so passionate in all she does. She's a real asset to our team. Thank you Lauren.

-Lauren is always on the go! Never stops caring for the children, amazing ideas for activities and her room! A pleasure to work with!!


-Abbie has developed in her role and is a valued member of the team at Stanningley

-Abbie has really stepped up recently and is showing maturity and experience in her role

-Abbie is amazing and my son loves her so much. She’s amazing with him, all her tapestry’s are amazing in detail and always has a smile on her face. She always gives me feedback morning and night and is just amazing as a person.