Little People Farfield Ofsted Report

Our latest Ofsted inspection at Little People Farfield was in June ’23, some of the Inspectors comments are shared below…

“Children are happy and settled at this welcoming nursery. They happily wave goodbye to their family, with a smile. Children are happy to see their friends. They run to them, offering an affectionate greeting.”

“Children have good relationships with staff. This is because there is an effective key-person system in place. Staff know children well and chat alongside them as they play.”

“Babies enjoy plenty of opportunities to explore using all their senses. They paint using their whole bodies and explore objects of different textures.”

“Children benefit from other unique experiences, such as hatching eggs and caring for tadpoles. They enjoy organised visits from other professionals who come into the setting to support children’s learning.”

“Children thoroughly enjoy the activities on offer. Older children practise their critical thinking skills as they experiment with water, while younger children enjoy completing jigsaws with their peers.”

“Staff are positive role models and, as a result, all children behave well. They are respectful and listen carefully to instructions. Children are gently reminded to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when asking for something, which they do. Children are encouraged to help at tidy-up time. They enjoy this and feel proud of their accomplishments.”

“Staff talk with children enthusiastically, and children enjoy listening to stories, songs and rhymes.”

“Older children are supported to be independent. They wash their own hands, pour their own water, and access the learning environment confidently.”

“Children have access to fresh drinking water. They benefit from a nutritious cooked meal for lunch and various healthy snacks throughout the day. Staff support children’s growing understanding of a healthy lifestyle. They discuss the importance of brushing their teeth and taking regular exercise.”

“Parents explain that their children have settled well and have good relationships with the staff who care for them. Parents praise staff’s efforts in supporting their children’s love of reading and explain how they frequently borrow books from the lending library.”

Despite the many positives, overall we were rated “Requires Improvement”, which was hugely disappointing for the team as they have previously been rated Good since our opening day in 2001. The Inspector felt that some of the staff team needed training in their understanding of the curriculum, they felt that some of the team helped the children do things that the child could do themselves, for example wipe their faces, which misses an opportunity for promoting independence. The inspector also felt that lunchtime in our toddler room could be better organised as some toddlers became bored waiting for lunch. We have taken these actions on board and implemented changes immediately.

The report can be read in full here 50226107 (