Little People Farfield Ofsted Report

We welcomed an Ofsted Inspector into our setting in May 2024. Our team had a wonderful day and were graded Good in all areas. We were so proud of our staff team who stayed calm and upbeat throughout the inspection meaning our children could relax and shine brightly. Our favourite quotes in the report are…“Children giggle and jump in excitement”, “Babies clap gleefully” and “Toddlers cheer with enthusiasm”. We feel this is a much truer reflection of a day in the life at Little People than our last inspection. There’s a link to the full report for you to read at your convenience, some of the highlights in the report for us were…


“Children are happy and settled in this calm and nurturing nursery. Staff have children’s best interests at heart and continually ensure their safety and well-being.”


“Staff respond quickly to babies’ and children’s needs. As a result, children build strong relationships with all staff and feel emotionally secure in their care.”


“Children show high levels of engagement and positive attitudes to their learning”


“Leaders and staff have worked hard to develop an ambitious curriculum to promote children’s good learning and development.”


“Approaches promote strong parent partnerships, which in turn, ensures consistency for children’s care and education.”


“The special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo) works closely with parents and external professionals…children with SEND achieve well and continue to meet their next steps in learning.”


“Leaders place a high priority on staff’s well-being…As a result, staff are highly motivated and dedicated to their roles.”


The Inspector said of Safeguarding…”There is an open and positive culture around safeguarding that puts children’s interests first.”


The report can be read in full here 50250478 (