Little People Bramley Ofsted Report

Our latest Ofsted inspection at Little People Bramley was in Aug ’23 and some of the Inspectors comments are shared below…

“children feel emotionally secure. They are happy and arrive excitedly to the nursery. They have clear bonds with their key person, who they seek out for a cuddle, if needed. Staff are responsive to children’s needs and ensure that they feel heard and valued.”

“Children behave well. Staff model positive behaviours, such as encouraging the use of manners and respect towards each other. Children take turns and share resources with minimal adult support. They show a good understanding of why this is important and fair.”

“Children’s emotional development is supported well. Managers plan a curriculum effectively, which is based on ensuring that children are ready for the next stage in their education. They organise the environment to encourage children to explore their interests. Staff use assessments to plan for children’s next steps in learning. Overall, children make good progress.”

“Staff promote children’s physical development in the nursery. Children develop muscle strength in their hands, such as when they create sea creatures by manipulating play dough. They regularly access the large outdoor environment. Staff use this space to encourage children to climb and balance. Children ride bicycles in between cones, as staff ask them to ‘weave’ their way through. This promotes the beginning of children following healthy lifestyles.”

“Leaders focus on staff’s well-being as a priority. Staff discuss feeling supported by the management team. Managers consider staff’s workload. Staff take pride in their roles and independently access training to develop their own practice.”

“Staff have strong relationships with parents and carers. Parents are involved in the spending of additional funding to support their child’s development. They comment that they feel involved in the assessment process and staff consider their views when reporting on their children’s development.”

“Parents are happy with the care provided by the nursery.”

 “Leaders create good links with other agencies involved in children’s care and development. They work well with each child’s family so they can support them effectively. Staff attend meetings to ensure that they are involved in making individual plans for each child’s learning. This information is used to plan for children’s future development at the setting.”

Overall we were rated “Good” for the Quality of Education and Behaviors and Attitude, disappointingly our Leadership and Management and Personal Development elements were downgraded to Requires Improvement as a team member delivered an activity with coloured salt for supervised sensory play with 2 year olds which was considered a health and safety risk. The Inspector gave us an action to focus on training for the risk assessment of activities, which was implemented immediately.


The report can be read in full here 50227238 (