Spotlight on Staff…Stacy

Spotlight on Staff...Stacey

Stacey works at our Stanningley Nursery as with our Tweenies (aged 2-3 years), her bubbly personality certainly suits this energetic age range!

Stacey’s career first began with us as an Apprentice at our Bramley site back in 2012, moving to Stanningley in 2013 as she completed initially her Level 2 Qualification, followed by completing a Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (Early Learning and Childcare) in 2015. Stacey was the worthy recipient of one of our Pride Awards 2018, voted by parents, staff and children, and presented at our Annual Christmas party.

Our Parents say…

“She always has a smile and her bubbly enthusiasm is lovely”

“She’s so good with my daughter”

“She always goes that extra mile to make your children feel happy”

Our Team Members say…

“Stacey has supported me through my journey so far at Little People and has given me all the support I need.”

“Stacey is amazing at what she does and always does her best for the children and staff.”

“She has been not only a brilliant friend but a fantastic colleague to work with.”

“She is amazing with the children.”

Stacey says…

“Winning a pride award means so much to me as I always put my all into each and every day at work, so it’s nice to know that both staff and parents appreciate what I do with and for them.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me as it means a lot, it’s nice to know what the parents and staff I work with think about me. It makes me so happy knowing that I am appreciated for all that I do as I do try my very best to make sure all children are happy and developing well.

Over my 7 years working at Little People I have enjoyed every second of it, it makes it special as I get to see each and every child develop at their own stages. I enjoy watching the children go through each room and growing up into the different characters with their own personalities. I have also made some very good lifelong friends along the way.”