Spotlight on Staff…Shiree

Spotlight on Staff...Shiree

Shiree is our Finance Manager based at Head Office in Bramley dealing with all things Customer Accounts. As a busy mum herself she is well aware of the support working families may need when looking at their childcare options. Shiree is a our Tax Credit guru, she deals with queries on Tax Free Childcare, Funded Early Education and Childcare Vouchers. Her fun loving personality and enthusiasm for her role shines through.

It’s rare that someone “behind the scenes” gets recognised for their hard work, and we were delighted when our customer and staff voted for Shiree to win a pride award for 2018.

Shiree you are one in a million! Thank you for all you do!

Our Parents and Staff Team say…

“Shiree is really patient and helpful. She has explained the 30 hours to me a million times and she doesn’t judge she just accepts me”

Shiree is always happy to help and support management with finance queries and knows exactly what she is doing. She does a great job sorting out all accounts across all sites. A lovely person to have on call when needed.”

“Shiree is an absolute credit to the Head Office team. So supportive and will always put her work to one side to help.”

“Shiree deserves a pride award because she is ace!! Always happy to provide advice and support if needed”

“Shiree (Customer Accounts) shows commitment to her role, she is really helpful and supports parents and team members in often difficult circumstances. Shiree has a wide range of knowledge regarding funding and financial support for families and she is happy to offer as many options as she can to help families. I think Shiree deserves to be recognised for her hard work.”

“Shiree is always prepared to go that extra mile, her dedication, and her commitment to getting it right is clear to see and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Our Parents and Staff Team say…

“Winning this award means a lot to me, having recognition for all the hard work Head Office do is a massive achievement. It’s nice to know that my support to Managers and parents is appreciated!

I would like to say Thank you to everyone who voted! Over the years I have built a good working relationship with not just the head office team but the managers and staff as I appreciate all the support they give for me to do my job successfully.

Working for Little People is like working with family!  I have been here for just over 4 years and have loved coming to work every day building new relations with parents. Knowing I can help in certain areas is very rewarding. I feel supported each day in my work role and having my daughter come with me to the nursery is a lovely benefit.”