How it all started – Marguerite’s Story

How it all started - Marguerite's story

Nursery Proprietor Marguerite Hallas looks back 30 years…

“30 years in the child care business, only seems like yesterday since me and my husband Geoff set this up.

I remember the first day well, I was full of excitement of what I was going to do with my twelve children, painting, sand, water play, lots of stories to be read.

I soon realised all these children had different needs and were all new to nursery life so whatever they needed I was prepared to give. Most just wanted your time and attention as it was the first time they had left their parents. Day by day we had more and more children and after a short time the nursery was full. I realised it was growing fast and Geoff came to join me full time, followed by by daughter Vicky – who has always helped after school. We started looking for more premises.

So what’s happened after thirty years; children grow up, some of our children must be thirty now and it’s lovely to hear from them. Seeing them do well and knowing you had a part in that is really rewarding.

What’s changed in Childcare?

The biggest change in 30 year has been the introduction of more and more paperwork – which in my opinion takes time away from the children. Children today need exactly what they needed thirty years ago, your love and your time.”

The BIG 30th Birthday Party for Little People (L-R Geoff, Marguerite, Vicky, Councillors Amanda and Andrew Carter, Gary, and Nicky Noodles)

BLOG by Marguerite Hallas (Proprietor – Little People Nurseries)