Each child is designated a Key Practitioner, this is their special carer. Your Key Practitioner will work closely with you to ensure they have a sound knowledge of your child’s character, capabilities and interests and spend time with them engaging in quality experiences which will support learning and development in a holistic way.


They will form the strongest bond with you and your child and will usually be the person who you hand your child to on a morning, and the person that you speak to about your child's day and development. It is important that this partnership is two-way and we encourage you to share information with your child's key practitioner. We ask you to share any concerns, family changes or changes to your child’s routine with them and they will be happy to support you through any changes.


Your child’s key practitioner will also arrange more formal occasions to share with you information regarding your child’s development. This may be in the form of Parents’ Evenings, or Profile Evenings where you are invited to look through your child’s profile of learning. We also issue reports annually, which cover the old 2 year old Health Visitor check, and a comprehensive Summative Report for your child’s new teacher when they start Big School. You will be given a copy of these and are invited to include comments. Please do not wait for an invitation to discuss things with us if you have any concerns - your child’s profile is available to view at any time, and meetings can be arranged whenever you like.

You are invited to make use of our free library service and borrow books from our library at your leisure. Many of the books will be familiar to your child and they will enjoy the link between home and nursery as you share these with them at bedtime. We have a huge selection of books to suit all ages, these are enhanced in the Nursery setting with puppets and props to bring the stories to life. We also ensure that many books tackle the big issues that families may face during your child’s early years such as a hospital visit, house move, starting school, a new sibling or losing a loved one. Please make use of this facility and share any requests with our Nursery Manager.

This page details some of the ways we encourage a strong partnership between Parents, Children and Nursery. 

We ask for parent input on a daily basis when dropping off and collecting your child. We also have more formal feedback sessions with your child’s key practitioner to discuss development and are held every 6 months. You will also receive a report prepared by your key practitioner which will detail your child’s progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage. These are written annually and when your child leaves us to go to Full time education this report will be passed on to their new class teacher which will help them in the settling in process at school.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Each child has an individual profile, the staff team will make observations and plan activities for your child to enjoy based on their interests and stage of development. 


We ask you to help us plan for your child’s learning by completing the forms on the nursery doors telling us what your child is currently enjoying doing at home. We plan activities based on the children’s interests so if we know you have visited a farm at the weekend your child may enjoy an activity with the farm animals. If they have a favourite story at home, you could tell us about this and we could arrange activities around it. 


Please feel free to access your child’s profile which will be on display in your child’s room. You may want to contribute to your child’s profile by bringing in photographs from home, or telling your key practitioner about milestones your child has achieved when at home with you.

We send a Whole Nursery News Letter home every two months which fills you in on upcoming events and general news. You will also receive a monthly newsletter from your child’s room which keeps you up to date with what is happening over the next month and how you can join in at home. 

We ask our parents for more formal feedback every year in the form of a parents questionnaire, we really appreciate your input so thank you in advance for taking the time to complete these. 

We have a Comments and Suggestions box in the entrance hall at each Nursery, please feel free to post anything you like! Ideas for activities, trips etc are welcomed as are comments about our care, particularly about our staff team. Our staff get a ‘Special Thanks’ on the Staff Newsletter for any specific feedback they get and really appreciate this! 

Here at Little People we want to positively support the challenges that new parents face. In addition to your key practitioners in the nursery rooms, the nursery office has an open door policy and you are encouraged to call in at anytime to discuss your child’s development with the Manager or one of the Management Team. If your child has difficulties with feeding, sleeping, behaviour etc we are more than happy to share our experiences with you, which may provide you with some ideas to rectify your situation.