The first contact with your child’s Key Person is an optional home visit. We have found that children are much more receptive to strangers in the comfort of their own home, and your child’s key person will spend 10 minutes or so playing with them to start creating that special bond. You will have the opportunity to share more information about your child so they can get a better picture of your family and your child’s needs, and ask any questions you have. This is in no way an assessment of your child, or your home, but is highly acknowledged as a valuable way of settling in. We will take a photograph of them, and ask you to bring along family photographs so that we can create a “Look Book” for your child to enjoy at Nursery.


We ask you to complete a booklet with further information about your child, their likes and dislikes. You bring this along to their first visit at Nursery and share this with your Key Person, they will help you complete it if you like. There are 3 hours of visits including in your booking fee, you can split these however you wish. You know your child the best and will probably have already thought about how they will find the transition. If you would like to book them extra visits prior to starting you can pay for these on the hourly rate.

You will need to bring a bag (no plastic carriers please!) to Nursery with a change of play clothes for your child. Please remember your child will be taking part in lots of messy play at Nursery, such as paint and slime. Outdoors they will jump in puddles and dig in the garden. Please ensure you send your child to Nursery in clothing that is appropriate for this and not their best outfits! Look out for posters to tell you when the Nursery photographer is coming for them to arrive in their best bib and tucker! 


We ask that you provide your child with pumps, slippers, or alternative shoes to wear indoors. Our children spend lots of time playing on the floor on rugs and cushions and we like to keep these as clean possible. Alternatively you could bring some wellies for your child to change into when playing outside. 

Some parents like to have “Nursery Clothes”, so that there is no discussion on a morning regarding outfits. We also have a full range of embroidered Nursery Uniform, including named bags. Uniform is useful either as a method of preparing your child for further education, or simply for the convenience of knowing what to wear each day. They also promote a sense of belonging and are particularly popular with children in Schoolroom, although they are entirely optional.

All food, nappies and wipes are included.

If your child has a particular attachment to an item (blanket, teddy, soother) please bring it along. We will ask you to leave a dummy at Nursery for them which we will keep sterilised in their own little pot so you do not need to remember to bring this daily. Please also provide weather appropriate protection, so a sun hat and sun cream in Summer, and hats, gloves and warm coats in winter.

More information about our fees and payment terms can be found on our Parent Contract which is included with this brochure.

The government will pay for all 3 year olds to access 15 hours per week. This is to ensure that all children start school having experience an Early Years Education as it is hugely beneficial to their start in school. You can access this 15 hours with us, completely free of charge, with no additional hidden costs for meal or snacks.

If you require more than 15 hours, you will pay the usual Nursery Prices and Terms and Conditions which are stated on our Parent Contract.

Some 2 year olds are now eligible for the funded hours depending on the circumstances of family, to check your eligibility please ask your local Children’s Centre.

The next step is for you to come and see us. You can contact the manager directly and arrange a no obligation viewing of the nursery. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries and we’ll be more than happy to help in whatever way we can.