The New 30 hours Funded Childcare Scheme

 Dear Parent/Carer,

 Currently all families are eligible for 15 hours childcare for their 3 & 4 year olds (term time only).

 In September ’17 some working families will become eligible for an additional 15 hours of childcare (term-time, increasing their entitlement to 30 hours per week, more details of eligibility is below.

We are now looking into the additional 15 hours of childcare and need your help to assess what demand there will be for children at this nursery, during the next academic year and beyond.

 We believe that demand is increasing all the time and we are currently looking into how; we as a nursery can accommodate these additional 15 hours. With that in mind, we would appreciate a few moments of your time to complete this simple questionnaire and return it to me by email, or drop it in at the Nursery Office, before 3rd February 2017.



At the moment the intended criteria has been stated as follows, please be aware this may change.

 The criteria for the additional 15 hours Funding for Working families:

  • Both parents are working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family) and each parent works more than 16 hours per week or earns the equivalent of 16 hours per week at Living Wage
  • and has a household income of less than £100,000 per year.

“Working” will include: employed and self-employed people, zero-hour contract hours who meet the criteria, where both parents are employed but one or both parents is temporarily away from the workplace on parental, maternity, paternity or adoption leave. Where one parent is employed and the other parent has substantial caring responsibilities based on specific benefits received for caring or where one parent is employed and one parent is disabled or incapacitated based on receipt of specific benefits.


Please answer the following few questions to help up with our planning for the next academic year and beyond.


Kind regards,



30 hours Funded Childcare Scheme Consultation with Parents