• What do I do if I think my child has special educational needs or a disability?

Please speak to your Nursery Manager in the first instance, they will arrange a meeting with your child’s Key Person and the setting SENCO. Our office has an open door policy.


  • What will the Nursery do if they think your child has Special Educational Needs?

Your Key Practitioner will discuss this with you in the first instance, and arrange a meeting with you to discuss concerns and talk about the action to be taken. This may be a referral to ask for a specialist to come and observe your child. Advice and support will be offered by the setting SENCO.

  • How will the Nursery support my child?

Together the Nursery, the parents and any other appropriate professional will out together a plan to ensure your child is supported in the setting. This plan will regularly be reviewed in full consultation with you. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which is designed to enable individuality for children. It may be that we need to adapt our provision to support your child. Some examples are;

  • Undergoing specialist training for example to administer medical care
  • Accessing extra resources for example walking frames
  • Requesting funding for additional staffing to allow one-to-one care


  • How will I know how well my child is doing and how will you help me support my child’s learning?

In addition to sharing observations with you and parents evenings, we will arrange regular meetings to review your child’s plan and evaluate the effectiveness of our actions. Where appropriate this will be done with the involvement of the allocated specialist, i.e. physiotherapist.

  • What training do staff have regarding supporting children with SEND?

All of our staff are trained in Child Development, as part of their observation and tracking process they are trained to pick up on any developmental delays or concerns. Should a delay be highlighted our Staff attend appropriate training to enable them to meet the needs of that individual. General SEND training is attended by staff on a regular basis.

  • How will Nursery help my child as they move on to start school?

Arrangements for transition into school are made in consultation with you and the school the child is to enter. Our role is to provide the feeder school with access to the child’s developmental records. If a child has more complex needs this information will be provided at the earliest possible time to allow the school to make provision. If there are other agencies involved they will also need to be consulted about the provision for transition into school, for their input to be included.

  • Who can I contact for further information?

The first point of contact is your Nursery Manager who will be happy to speak to you.